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Peedy.NET v2.0.0a: 60%

Core: 70%

Plugin Interface : 100%

Plugins: 0%




First Update in Forever!!
Sorry that I haven't been updating; it's because I've only begun to get some real progress done with PeedyPal.NET. For one, because I haven't had time, especially with school, and for two, because along the way I hit several dead ends that got me confused. I am now pleased to say that I have a working skeleton of it up. It has been made from scratch in C#.NET and is completely extensible, as it utilizes a powerful DLL-based plugin interface. No more text 'scripts'.

I have no idea when Peedy will be done. While little has been actually programmed, I think it's safe to say the most difficult stuff is out of the way (hopefully), which means that if I have the time, it won't be long before PeedyPal.NET is out.
17 Oct 2004 by y_simonson

Rebuilding Peedy from the ground up!
I'm sure if you've looked through the PeedyPal sourcecode you've what a pile of horrible crap it is. The reason why the code is so increadibly bad is because I had to make it in about a week for my computer science class, so I applied the good ol' KISS formula and made myself forget about OO design.

So, big announcement...I'm going to rebuild PeedyPal from scratch in VB.NET!!! Excited? I am!

I have no idea how long it will take to complete. I'm shooting for summer, because I have so much work, but for all I know I could be done within two weeks. In any case, when I'm done, it'll be completely object-oriented using XML.
29 Mar 2004 by y_simonson

A State of the Peedy Address
Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been working on a secretive project *shifty eyes*. The good news is (because what would be a state of the union address without propaganda?) that today I managed to fix a bug in the XML handler script that had me utterly confused for weeks! So, hopefully, 1.01 will be released fairly soon. Also, I am now quite knowledgeable in XSLT, so I may not need assistance in making the script viewer tool after all.
22 Jan 2004 by y_simonson

1.01 in development
1.01 is now officially under development! It will feature an entirely new, XML-based scripting engine. I'm also hoping to later release a script editor tool.

In the mean time, I need an XSL developer to help me make a script viewer tool. I'm having little luck with XSL myself, so any help would be greatly appreciated smile
06 Dec 2003 by y_simonson

Slow Progress
If you haven't noticed, there's been slow progress with Peedy since the 1.0a release. I've been really busy with schoolwork (SATs / mid-terms coming up sad) , so I might not even have any time to work on Peedy at all until winter break angry. Sorry folks...
30 Nov 2003 by y_simonson

New News System
Assuming there are no major bugs, were are now going to use the news system by cutenews. smile
29 Nov 2003 by y_simonson

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